11mm Interlocking Lightweight EVA Gym Mat

As low as £33.33

Priced from just £10 per tile when bought in 80+ Tile Packs

Product Features

Size: 61cm x 61cm
Weight: 1kg
Material: EVA
Finish: Perforated
Features: Sold in packs of 4 Tiles
Thickness: 11mm
Suitable for Commercial Use: No
Discount for Bulk Buy (80pcs+): Yes - Please Call Us
In Stock: Yes
Same Day Dispatch: Yes if ordered before 2pm*

*Weekend orders dispatched Mondays

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11mm Interlocking EVA Leisure Mats

Perfect for home gyms and fitness studios, for floor work and weights.
Soft for Yoga and stretching. Interlock mats to the required size and shape.

Coverage & Size

1-Tile Thickness – 11mm
2-Tile Size (imperial) – 24"" x 24""
3-Tile Size (Metric) – 61cm x 61cm

How Many You Will Require

4 Mats cover 16 Square Feet or 1.49 Square Metres
8 Mats cover 32 Square Feet or 2.97 Square Metres
12 Mats cover 48 Square Feet or 4.46 Square Metres
16 Mats cover 64 Square Feet or 5.95 Square Metres
20 Mats cover 80 Square Feet or 7.43 Square Metres
24 Mats cover 96 Square Feet or 8.92 Square Metres
32 Mats cover 128 Square Feet or 11.9 Square Metres
40 Mats cover 160 Square Feet or 14.9 Square Metres
48 Mats cover 192 Square Feet or 17.8 Square Metres


Top Surface Design - Perforated
Bottom Surface Design – Perforated
Edging Strips - Each mat has 2 interlocking straight edges that finish off the edge of the mats.


We sell these mats for a number of different uses including gyms, workshops and garages, indoor/outdoor play areas, camping and caravanning, bars and shops, retail and many more!


The perforated tiles are easy to use and can be laid as both permanent and temporary flooring. The mats are very easy to lay and require no specialist tools. All you need to do is simply interlock each tile and then use the straight edges to finish. You can cut to fit a specific space with a sharp Stanley knife (or similar) in necessary.

How many tiles do you need?

To calculate the area you need to buy take the width of the area and times by the length of the area you want to cover. For example - if the area is 12 feet x 12 feet you will need 144square feet.
We recommend you purchase a little over what you need to ensure you cover the whole area.
We can accommodate all areas in multiples of 16 square feet.

Product Features of EVA

EVA is excellent at absorbing the impact & vibration within a gym
Chemical, Fluid & Sweat Resistant
Excellent Thermal Qualities for your Gym
Lighter in Weight than traditional rubber so easier to handle and install
Low fluid absorption so will not become unsanitary as rubber crumb mat would