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Solid Rubber Gym Matting

We supply various different patterns of solid rubber gym matting. The High Grim matting is very popular in gyms as it provides a smooth underfoot surface with excellent grip and is easy to clean and maintain.

Our solid rubber gym matting is of the highest quality. And should not be compared to cheaper alternatives that are made of composite materials and recycled low-grade rubber.

These heavy-duty rubber gym mats have been designed for impact absorption, durability, and comfort. They reduce damage caused by impact, vibration, and abrasion.

The Mat Design

We supply our gym mats in a choice of surface designs; High Grip or Bubble designs. All our designs provide a fantastic grip and are easy to clean and are comfortable underfoot and ideal for floorwork as they do not have an uneven raised platform.

The underside of the mats have channels for stability and the mats can also be reversed if required. Our solid rubber gym mats will sit well on any flat and level surface such as a concrete or wooden floor.

Our solid rubber gym mats are simple to fit however, it may take two people to lift and move the mats. 

You will require the following number of mats depending upon the size of your gym:

  • 5 mats/sets for a 12ft x 10ft (3.64m x 3.05m)
  • 6 mats/sets for a 12ft x 12ft (3.64m x 3.64m)
  • 7 mats/sets for a 14ft x 12ft (4.27m x 3.64m)
  • 8 mats/sets for a 16ft x 12ft (4.88m x 3.64m)

For other sizes and specific quotes, please contact us.

If the mats required cutting, it recommended that the cut mats placed at the furthest point from the door. To cut the mats, we recommend using a sharp Stanley knife or a jigsaw. Using a straight edge will give you the best finish.