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Rubber Top Gym Mats

Our Rubber Top EVA mats combine the benefits of the newer EVA comfort material with a harder wearing solid rubber top.

The 25mm & 35mm thickness Rubber Top EVA mats offer maximum comfort and a hard-wearing surface whilst remaining lightweight for ease of cleaning and moving if required.

EVA Rubber Top mats are durable but we do advise that heavy-duty weight machinery. And racks should not be placed upon them as they will be damaged by the pressure of machines on them. Resulting in dents or potential splitting.

These gym mats are excellent for use with hand weights such as dumbbells & barbells and any floor work activities using stability & Bosu balls, resistance band training, jump rope, abdominal rollers, and many more exercises. The EVA material in the mats offers luxury comfort and will reduce fatigue and risk of injury.
They are comfortable to stand, kneel, sit and lay on.

All our Rubber Top Diamond Mats come in a standard 6’ x 4’ (1.82 x 1.22 m) mat size and have a raised disk bottom design for stability.

We offer our Rubber Top EVA gym mats in both a straight and interlocking edge design. Our straight-edged mats just butt up next to each other and the interlocking mats simply connect on the long 6ft sides of each mat and provide a more secure fit.

The thickness measurement is taken from the bottom of the disk on the underside to the top pattern of the diamond design on the top side. Thicknesses may vary by up to 5% either way.

Features of our Rubber Topped EVA Gym Mats include:

  • Diamond top design for increased grip and comfort.
  • Reinforced solid rubber surface for increased durability.
  • A raised circular bottom design for stability.
  • Our Mats will help reduce fatigue and protect your users against injury.
  • Diamond Mats are lightweight, making them easy to lift, clean, and replace when needed.
  • The Diamond Mats are non-absorbent and are therefore not affected by sweat or other liquids.
  • Our Diamond Mats do not retain moisture or bacteria like crumb rubber mats and are also non-toxic.

Diamond Mats are easy to fit and you will require the following number of mats depending upon the size of your gym:

  • 5 mats/sets for a 12ft x 10ft (3.64m x 3.05m)
  • 6 mats/sets for a 12ft x 12ft (3.64m x 3.64m)
  • 7 mats/sets for a 14ft x 12ft (4.27m x 3.64m)
  • 8 mats/sets for a 16ft x 12ft (4.88m x 3.64m)

For other sizes and specific quotes, please contact us.