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If you are looking for Rubber Gym Mats for your home gym flooring or a commercial gym, GymMatsPlus is the place for you. We offer a selection of hard-wearing rubber, interlocking and larger mats for gyms to protect your floors. They reduce noise when using exercise equipment. Our rubber gym mats are perfect for home and professional gyms.

We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of gym flooring in the UK. Our wide range of affordable mats is all available to buy online. You may wish to call us at 0800 756 9670 to find out more about our website products.

Gym Floor Matting - The Options

Gym mats are usually made of rubber as it is the toughest material from which gym mats can be made. If you have a commercial gym using heavy weights and a variety of exercise machines, then rubber is the only material you should be considering. The other 2 typical options are rubber topped gym mats or lightweight EVA foam mats. Lets explore the Qualities and Uses of each type:

Heavy Duty Rubber Gym Mats

Heavy Duty Rubber Gym Mats have many qualities which make them the perfect product. Rubber Mats are strong but easy to cut with a sharp Stanley so can be fitted wall to wall for maximum protection of your floor.

More rubber gym mats for sale: Our gym matting for sale, such as our Solid Rubber Gym Matting, which are heavy duty so they will protect your gym floor from damage when heavy weights are dropped on our gym matting. With our rubber mats for gyms, 12mm thick gym mats covers 2.2sqm and will weigh around 27kg, and an 18mm thick mats for gyms will weigh about 40kg, making them ideal for power racks, large gym equipment or weights. Even thicker mats for gyms are available for maximum protection if you are creating an Olympic Platform.

Having rubber matting on your gym floor increases the hygiene as they are easy to clean blood, sweat and tears from. Surfaces are often patterned and non slip to increase the grip.

Rubber Topped Gym Mats

Another Rubber Gym Mats option is our Rubber Top Gym Flooring. These Rubber Gym Mats are a composite of foam and rubber, much lighter and more comfortable rubber flooring option for your floor's protection. These EVA gym mats are easy to fit and are also easy to remove and replace for cleaning. They weigh a lot less than traditional rubber flooring so are ideal in environments where the rubber gym mats may need to be moved regularly. The EVA Mats come in a variety of thicknesses and designs, such as straight edge or Interlocking Gym Mats.

In theory, Rubber Topped Gym Mats are meant as the "best of both worlds" for rubber gym mats. The thin rubber top on these rubber Gym Mats gives more floor protection than a lightweight foam gym floor mat and, the foam body makes them much easier to handle if they need to be moved. They are suitable for exercise bikes, kettlebells, Crossfit and small hand weights but are not as robust as traditional rubber mats, so should not be used in commercial gyms.

Lightweight Gym Flooring

Another gym flooring option is Lightweight Gym Flooring which is almost always made from EVA foam, which makes considerably more lightweight gym mats that are extremely comfortable underfoot. EVA gym mats are easy to fit and are also easy to remove and replace for cleaning or in halls where mats cannot be down all of the time. These weigh a lot less than traditional rubber flooring and as such are not suitable for any kind of heavy duty activity. They are traditionally used for MMA, Yoga, Pilates, and other lighter exercises. They come in a variety of thicknesses and designs, such as straight edge or interlocking, depending upon your particular requirements.

Contact us if you require more information about which product is best for you and visit our articles section for advice and ideas.


Brilliant service from start to finish. Was looking for really thick lightweight gym mats to replace my existing ones. I emailed and got a quick response for ordering them and they were here within a couple of days. One thing I will say is if putting the 44mm down, a Stanley knife isn’t great for cutting them. I found either a hand saw or a electric jigsaw cut them much better and have a better finish to the cut edge. Really pleased with these mats so far. Thank you again

Elidih Burrow

Superb service, high-quality at an affordable price. Delivery efficient - Ordered on a Wednesday and were delivered within a few days. Highly recommend.

Vanessa Wilson

Highly recommend - I purchased the Rubber Top EVA straight edge 25mm 12 mat special offer pack. I received an email confirming my order and another email informing me they had been dispatched and received the delivery on a 1-2 day delivery to NE Scotland!

Sarah Russell