25mm Rubber Topped Gym Mat

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Product Features

Size: 1.82m x 1.22m
Weight: 10kg
Material: EVA with Fused Rubber Top
Top Surface Finish: Diamond
Bottom Surface Finish: Circular Disc
Features: Lightweight
Thickness: 25mm
Suitable for Heavy Duty Use: No
Discount for Bulk Buy (18pcs+): Yes - Please Call Us
In Stock: Yes
Same Day Dispatch: Yes if ordered before 2pm*

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25mm Rubber Topped Gym Mat

This listing is for a 25mm Thick 1800 x 1200mm Rubber Top gym mat.

These mats are manufactured with 19mm of EVA and a 5mm top sheet of rubber. Rubber top mats are a ""best of both"" option as they have the lightweight characteristics of EVA but the toughness of the rubber top sheet.

We supply various different patterns of gym matting. This matting is very popular in gyms as it provides a smooth underfoot surface with excellent grip and is easy to clean and maintain.

This design provides fantastic grip and are easy to clean and are comfortable underfoot. And ideal for floor work as they do not have an uneven raised platform.

If the mats required cutting:

It is recommended that the cut mats are placed at the furthest point from the door. To cut the mats, we recommend using a sharp Stanley knife or a jigsaw. Using a straight edge will give you the best finish.

The EVA Rubber Top mats are durable but we do advise that weight machinery. And benches should not be placed upon them as they will be damaged by the pressure of machines on them. Resulting in indents or potential splitting. They are also unsuitable for lifting platforms.

These gym mats are excellent for use with hand weights such as dumbbells & barbells and any floor work activities using stability & bosu balls, resistance band training, jump rope, abdominal rollers and many more exercises. The EVA material in the mats offers luxury comfort and will reduce fatigue and risk of injury. So, they are comfortable to stand, kneel, sit and lay on.

Product Features

A diamond top design for increased grip and comfort.
A reinforced solid rubber surface for increased durability.
A raised circular bottom design for stability.
Our Mats will help reduce fatigue and protect your users against injury.
And Our Diamond Mats are lightweight, making them easy to lift, clean and replace when needed.
Our Diamond Mats are non-absorbent and are therefore not affected by sweat or other liquids.
Our Diamond Mats do not retain moisture or bacteria like crumb rubber mats and are also non-toxic.